Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Faction Synergies

There are a few units throughout the Warscrolls which have synergies not solely within their own factions. Though not as many as first thought, and nothing I can see as being game breaking. 

The main areas of synergy are Brettonians and The Empire with the Free People keyword, Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings with the Death keyword, Chaos warriors and Daemons with Bloodbound through the Khorne Keyword and finally Chaos warriors and Daemons with Skaven with the Nurgle keyword. 

There are a few other odd occasions where units can affect other factions with generic keywords like War Machine and Monster, but not very many. 

One thing I haven't included in this post is units with abilities that affect unit with no keyword requirement. I plan to go through and update this post with a separate list. 

Below is a list of units with external synergies:


• Karl Franz and Kurt Helborg, King Louen, Fay enchantress and Damsel of the lady buff free people. 

• Empire Greatswords and Knights of the Realm are buffed by a nearby free people hero. 

• War altar and Celestial hurricanum buff free people. 

• Luminark of Hysh buffs order wizards and free people. 

• Dwarf engineer and Grim Burlocksson can repair any war machine. 

• Dwarf Thane BSB has a negative synergy with all friendly wizards. 

• Prince Imrik's command ability affects all dragons.

• Dark Elf Beastmaster buffs any monster.

• Seraphon, Wood elves, Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers have no external synergies.  


• Bloodbound Bloodstoker and Bloodsecrator buff any unit with Khorne keyword. 

• The glottkin, Orghots Daemonspew, Putrid Blightkings, The Great Unclean One's plague wind and Epidemius' Nurgles Tallyman affects all Nurgle. 

• Vermin Lord corruptor, Lord skrolk, Plague priest, Plague furnace, Plague monks, Plague censer bearers and the Plagueclaw catapult all have the Nurgle keyword and can be affected by the above Nurgle units. 

• The changeling and the Blue Scribes gains spells from any wizard. 

• Great bray shaman summon any monster from any faction or grand alliance! This includes heroes with the monster keyword. 

• Tamurkhan's command ability affects all monsters.

• Chaos war mammoth buffs marauders and marauder horsemen. 

• Throgg buffs all chaos monsters. 

• Chaos Familiars buff all chaos wizards. 

• Legion of Azgorh have no external synergies. 


• Ogre Kingdom and Orcs & Goblins have no external synergies. O&G have especially segregated internal synergy between the individual factions. 


• All death wizards can summon all death units. 

• Settra buffs Death units and Deathrattle.

• Necrotect and the Royal Warsphinx buffs deathrattle. 

• Tomb herald buffs Deathrattle and is a wound shield for any death hero. 

• Liche priest spell affects skeletons or reainimants.

• Khalida, Krell and Tomb Kings buff skeletons. 

• Skeleton warriors buffed by death hero. 

• Nagash buffs death and gains all spells from any death wizards. 

• Manfred Mortarch, Vlad, Vampire Lord, Mortis Engine, Wight King, Zombie Dragon and Heinrich buff death. 

• Necromancer is buffed by nearby death units and their spell affect skeletons. 

• Corpse cart and Arkhan buff death wizards. 

• Skeleton warriors buffed by death heroes.

• Vargulf and the Black Coach buffed by death wizards.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Damage Allocation

An interesting topic was posted on the Age of Sigmar Facebook group today which prompted this post. After playing many games against differing opponents in friendly play and in tournaments, and seeing it mentioned a few times, I have noticed that damage allocation has been wrongly interpreted. 

The questionable rule excerpt: 

The key points here are:
"After all of the attacks made by a unit have been carried out" and "you must keep on allocating wounds to that model until either it is slain, or no more wounds remain to be allocated."

For the most part, it has been played that damage must be allocated to the same model until it has been slain, no matter the source. 

Rules as written, you must only allocate wounds to a model for each desperate unit that attacks. For each separate attacking unit, damage may be allocated to a different model of the player wishes as there is no rule saying he cannot. 

I believe this to also be rules as intended as it seems to make realistic sense, although the potential downside is that you have more wounds to keep track of. 

To add evidence to support this, here are abilities from a few Warscrolls that work read exactly as if it should be played this way:

Lord Castellant


Blood Knights


Skaarac the Bloodbound

Monday, 1 February 2016

Double turn tactics

The random determination of who takes the turn is an issue widely raised by all whether they like Age of Sigmar on not. In reality, it's not as powerful as it's made out to be, as long as you're prepared.

The main benefit of a double turn is the additional movement, however the most extra damage will be from shooting and magic. If you lack both of these in your army, or fail to use them you are probably wasting your double turn. 

There is only a minor benefit in combat due to the fact that both sides fight in the combat phase. This means that additional charges are how you make the most of your double turn. If no additional charges can be made then you have limited the benefit of your double turn. 

You know the double turn is coming from the start of the game, depending on scenario or deployment. There is a chance, although unlikely, that there will be no double turn in your game however the odds are that you will both have one double turn each game. 

You need to plan for this with your army, depending on which side has the advantage. If you have the potential double turn coming up you need to position units so they can make the most of it:

• Units should be moved to be able to support another unit with a charge or shooting. 
• Make sure your characters will be in range with their buffs if your unit ends up charging in your double turn.
• Ensure you don't overextend, it's not guaranteed. 

If your opponent has the potential for a double turn, you need to act more defensively:
• Keep units close so they can't be unexpectedly charged on one unit without being within 3" of another. 
• Ensure your ranged units, spell casters and buffing units are not exposed and are protected. 

One thing I have rarely seen is not taking a double turn. If you are not in a good position to make the most of it(limited shooting, magic or additional charges), then you can let your opponent take their turn in sequence and you can prepare properly in later turns. Otherwise you're giving the enemy the double turn advantage with little benefit. 

The art of playing Age of Sigmar is making the most of each turn as it comes, being able to exploit your double turn whilst protecting against your opponents is how to master the game.